The Tutcheresi are the highest class of Russian and Ukranian flying breeds and have many relatives in other Slavic states, including the Bucharest Ciung, the Ciung Chel and the Romanian Whitetail in Romania, the Tschiboli in Bulgaria and many others scattered throughout the region.

The English translation of the word "Tutcheresi" is "Cloud - cutter", hence they came to be reffered to as "Ukranian Skycutters" in the Western World. This terminology is not however correct, as the name has been meant to imply a single breed and the Tutcheresi are actually a group of related breeds. This term "Ukranian Skycutter" has led to a great deal of confusion and also a great amount of crossbreeding.

By the Polish definition, these breeds are classified as "Gornolotne" which means Highflier, but this is not correct as Tutcheresi are not neccessarily highfliers or endurance fliers, but bred for mainly for their style of flight, which is contrary to the flight of other breeds.

I will be working on preparing some video which shows the actual flight of this group.

Polish Orlik  
Nikolajevski Tutcheresi  
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