Nikolajevski Shield
(Nikolajevski Boczaty)


The Nikolajevski Shield Tutcheresi (Nikolajevski Boczaty) is an offshoot breed of the
Nikolajevski-Tutcheresi of the 19th Century.

Altho some Westerners regard it simply as a shield marked sub-variety of the Nikos, and for the sake of just appearence, while this may appear to be so, the Boczaty, while related to the Nikos,
is not the same breed and posseses a different style of flight from the Nikolajevski.

In the air, the Boczaty are Torzovi fliers, but hang in mid flight and looking like an initial "Y" in
the air with the wings over the head at angles of 60 to 75 degrees. The Boczaty climbs straight to a high altitude without circling and then throws its wings forwards into a "Y" and soars on a loose
arc to the loft top.

The specimen above is typical of the breed for markings, but many birds also possess patches of color upon the cheeks.

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