Tula Spot Turmani
(Tulski Monach)

The Tula Spot Turmani
By K.D. Spurling (2001)

The Tula Spot Startailed Turmani (Tulski Monach), tho considered a member of the Russian Turmani group, differs from other Turmani in that it lacks the atypical "dry" or square head that is such an important attribute of Turmani in general. This is due to the fact that this particular breed is thought to have originated through a blending of the Tula Startail (Tulski Turmani) and the Moscow Helmet (Moscovski Monach).

The breed is bred in Red and Yellows. The top of the skull is colored (hence the termonology of "Monach" (Helmet), as is the tail, apart from the white band in the tail that extends nearly to the tip of the feathers which are edged in color. The remainder of the bird is white. Tula Spots are typically shell crested, but it occassionally occurs minus a crest.

Altho attractively marked, like other Turmani, the Tula Spots are strong fliers with typical Turmani aerial characteristics.

The breed has not yet reached North America at this writing.

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