Official Standard Of The Kazan Trjasun

    Authorized August 1st, 1999 by the Federation Of United Slavic Breeds Clubs,
on behalf of the SouthEast European and Russian Breeds Club (U.S.A.), the
Russian Union of Breeders Devoted to the Re-Creation of the Bojaren Statnije
(Russia), the Smolensk City club (Russia), the Odessa City club (Russia), the
Petrograd City club (Russia), the Tula City club (Russia) and the Archangelsk
City club (Russia).

Origin: The City of Kazan. Created by selective crossbreeding among assorted
Statnije breeds, starting with the breeder Mikhail Alexandrovich of Kazan in the
16th Century.

Head: Slightly rounded, but showing a juncture of the crown and forehead. The
forehead is high, prominent and as wide as possible.

Beak: Very short, thick and set downward. Always light in color. The cere is
powdery white and of a fine texture.

Eyes: Pearl in color, but bull in color among Self Whites, Grivuni marked (Bellnecked) and
any pigeon that is over 50% white. Large and expressive. The eye cere is fine in texture
and always light in color.

Neck: Wide at the base and slimming towards the head. The neck is bending
backwards, swan-like and shaking when the bird is standing still.

Breast: Wide and prominent. Carried high and to suggest roundness.

Back: Short and wide.

Wings: Short; carried below the tail and touching the ground.

Tail: Short, wide and very flat. Carried uplifted at a 60 degree angle and
consisting of 14 to 20 retrices. The lower back and rump is to be arched.

Legs: Short and the feet covered with grouse, with feathers barely exceeding
the toe tips.

Feathers: Soft and always short.

Color Varieties: White, Black, Dun, Ash-Red, Ash-Yellow, Gray, Rec. Red,
Rec. Yellow, Blue, Silver and Black with rust colored or white bars in Selfs,
White Flighted, White Tailed, Color Tailed, Magpied and Grivuni (Bell-necked).

Serious Faults: Shaking the neck while walking, lacking the shaking neck, long
feathers, too long of body, too thin or too long of beak, arched tail, wings carried
on the tail, wing tips not touching the floor, long legs, lacking grouse legs, irregular
tail feathers, irregular head, split tail, cataracts in eyes, crests or other irregular
features, parasites or parasitical damage and poor health.

Judging Order In Accordance To Importance:  Head and Beak -  Neck -  Shape and
Carriage Of Body -  Tail  - Eye Color -  Legs -  Color and Markings.

Authorized August 1st, 1999 by the Federation Of United Slavic Breeds Clubs.


Kazys Scherbatov, Smolensk  (Smolensk City club)

Kelley D. Spurling, U.S.A. (SE European & Russian Breeds Club)

Pieter Strekovich, Odessa (Odessa City club)

Viktor Vyrubova, Petrehof (Petrograd City club)

Nikola Kschessinska, Tula (Tula City club)

Vadim Scherbatov, Archangelsk (Archangel City club)

Ivan Schmelev, Yekaterinagrad (Russian Union Of Breeders Devoted To The
                                  Re-Creation of The Bojaren Statnije)

Alexeis Derevenko, Rostov (Russian Union Of Breeders Devoted To The
                                  Re-Creation of The Bojaren Statnije)

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