Archangel White Trjasun
(Archangelski bela Trjasuni Statnije)
Trans. of standard description from Russian by K.D. Spurling

The Archangel White Trjasun Statnije is a race of Statnije hailing from the port city of
Archangel in northwest Russia and is related to the Kazan Trjasun. The head is oval in
shape with a medium length beak which is set nearly straight and upon the head is a
shell crest, with or without rosettes. The neck is of medium length, bending backwards
and shakes when the bird is in a solid stance. The breast is full and prominent, being well rounded and carried high and proud.  The back is short and wide, with a broad and
erectly carried tail. The tail is flat, opposed to arched and consists of 12 to 18 retrices. The tail is pulled close to the body when the bird is in action. The feet are fully muffed
with one and a half to four inch length muffs. The eye is always bull in color and the bird's plumage is always snow white. This breed is today nearly extinct, having been
nearly lost in the Bolshevik Revolution.

(Note of Translator: This breed was brought to the United States in August of 1999 from the city of Yekaterinagrad (Sverdlovsk) in the Siberian Urals.)

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