We reccommend the following books for your informational
needs on Slavic breeds. Those with links are either available
on-line to purchase or in an online edition.

"Raselle De Porumbei Din Romania" by Feliciu Bonatiu,Timisoara, 1985
"Farmecul Colombofilie" by Feliciu Bonatiu, Timisoara, 1994
"Porumbeii Galateni" by Ovidiu Leonte, Bucharest, 1994
"The Kazan Trjasun" by K.D. Spurling, 1999
"Handbuch der TaubenRassen" by Schuette, 1994
"Turmani, Which I Love" by Yuri Schmelev, Moscow, 1996
"Our Pigeons" by Yuri Schaposhnikov, Moscow, 1997

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