Baku Boinije



Four cuts from a Russian loft. Courtesy: Yuri Schaposhnikov of Moscow


Two Baku imported by K.D. Spurling in 1998 from the loft of Kazys Scherbatov
of Smolensk, Russia.

Baku Tumbler
(Bakinski Boinije)
(Synonim: Armenian Color Tail)

Trans. from Russian by K.D. Spurling

The Baku Tumbler is a race of Boinije (Crack) Tumbler which hails from the city of Baku in Azerbaijan and is one of two races named for that city. In the Ukrain, they are errornously known as "Arminski", but do not hail from Armenia. The head is a long oval in shape with a shell crest and slightly longer than medium length beak. The breast is full and powerful, with long and powerful wings carried atop the tail. The back and tail are long, with 14 to 18 retrices. The legs are clean, although birds with feathers on the legs do exist and are permitted. The colors include Blue, Silver, Red, Yellow, Black, Dun, Almond and Grizzled birds, as well as Whites. Markings are colortails, selfs, beards, baldheads and unorthodox. Eyes are pearl in color in the pigeons with little white, or bull with much white. As this race is a very popular flying pigeon, little emphasis is placed on colors or markings, although the Colortailed ones are especially wonderful.

Muffed Baku
(Bakinski Kosmatsch Boinije)

This second race is much like the above, but are larger and looser feathered. The birds have full and large muffs on the feet and a small number are also doublecrested with both a shellcrest and a nasal crest.

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