Russian Trumpeter
(Russki Barabanshik)

Photo shot in Russia

Despite what you may have read in some English and American pigeon works, there is in fact
a difference between the Russian Trumpeter (Russki Barabanshik) and the Bokhara Trumpeter
(Bokharski Barabanshik). Historically, in the earlier days of the American Fancy, the Bokhara Trumpeter took on the name of "Russian Trumpeter". This was officially changed back to its true
name of Bokhara Trumpeter shortly after World War Two when relations between the United States and Stalinist Russia became stressed to the breaking point. The name "Russian" was changed back to "Bokhara" so as not to tag the breed as "Russian" when it was being promoted.
This is not unusual, as several other Russian animals that were being bred in the United States
underwent restorative name changes to take away the nationality. One example are the Borzoi, which prior to these stressed relations was well known simply as the Russian Wolfhound.  That name was changed back to its native "Borzoi" to remove the word "russian" from the dog.

The Ankhut Trumpeter of Turkey; assumed primary ancestor of both
the Russki Barabanshik & the Bokharski Barabanshik.

The basic legend in Russia and its splinter  states is that both Russki & Bokharski Barabanshik
originated from a Drummer (Barabanshik)  race seized from Turkish invanders and so crossed
upon assorted extravagant Boinije. We assume that this refers to a crossing of the Ankhut Trumpeter and the forerunners of the modern day Bokhara Tumblers.

As can be seen from the photos, Russki Barabanshik tends to reflect more its ancestorial breeds
where as the Bokharski Barabanshik has evolved dramatically as an ornamental breed.

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